Under Eye Mesotherapy

Themesotherapy methodapplied under the eyes is a non-surgical treatment method created to help the anti-aging effect around the eyes, reduce wrinkles in the area, reduce the bruises under the eyes or the bag appearance here. Mesotherapy aims to have a healthier skin with its structure that renews the skin, helps accelerate blood circulation and contains antioxidants. Under-eye mesotherapy should be applied by doctors.

GöWho Can Prefer Mesotherapy Application for Under z?

GöPeople who can have mesotherapy for under z;

  • Over 18 years old
  • Women who are not breastfeeding during or after pregnancy
  • Those who are not allergic to the product ingredients
  • Those who do not have infection in the application area

They may prefer this application. Mesotherapy method is a method applied to the person to relax the skin and make it more vibrant. It is performed by injection method, but the aim is not to fill the skin with injection and to obtain a plump appearance. The application can be preferred with peace of mind by anyone who is not satisfied with the condition of their skin.

GöIs Mesotherapy and Bonta the Same for Under z?

The difference between bonta and mesotherapy for under the eyes is asked by many people. But these two methods do not aim at the same thing. However, the skin looks much healthier when applied together. Since it also has aesthetic purposes, it is ideal for those who dream of a radiant and wrinkle-free skin. Differences

  • While Bonta reduces wrinkles in the application area with the substance it contains, mesotherapy is done to completely renew and brighten the skin.
  • While Bonta is applied as a single session, mesotherapy can go up to 6-8 sessions, we can think of it as a skin care.
  • While mesotherapy also targets color inequalities in the skin, bonta is only used to remove wrinkles in the area.

Apart from this, the process that occurs when the two methods are combined is known as mesobonta, but the use of both methods is among those recommended by experts. However, we can clearly state that the two applications are different from each other.

GöWhat is the purpose of mesotherapy for under zr?

Gömesotherapy application area for under z;

  • Wrinkles around the under-eye area
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Bruising around the eyes
  • Color changes and darkening around the eyes
  • Appearance of a ring around the eye
  • Tired appearance of the eye area

Application can be realized in such cases. Mesotherapy can be applied not only for the eyes but also for many parts of the body. This method, which acts quickly thanks to the formulas it contains and aims to regenerate the skin, attracts attention all over the world. It is also applied in our country through proven and qualified physicians and is in demand with its anti-aging effects.

GöWhy Trouble Under the zagainst?

The cause of under-eye problems; It can occur due to many factors. Of course, genetic factors are effective, but researches reveal that environmental effects and people’s lifestyle bring many problems under the eyes. These problems manifest themselves as follows.

  • Alcohol and smoking (It is the most important factor that prepares time for under-eye bags and color changes around the eyes)
  • Coming of age
  • Not sleeping well enough
  • Excessive stress
  • Refusing to wear glasses, avoiding treatments such as lenses or lasers
  • Not exposed to excessive light from computers, televisions and cell phones
  • Using poor quality and harmful makeup materials

This can lead to problems. Eye problems that can recover after a long period of rest cannot prevent the problems caused by aging. For this reason, under-eye mesotherapy is a very good method for people. It shows its effect in a very short time when done regularly by an expert hand.

Göz Harm of Mesotherapy for Underarm Var Mı?

Although many people are curiousabout the harm of mesotherapy under the eyes, it is possible to say that this method is absolutely harmless and contains many benefits. Although the products are FDA approved, you will benefit your skin with the vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that are beneficial for the skin. There are no side effects other than mild pain during the procedure and minor redness and bruising for a few days. Therefore, the procedure can be considered as an advanced skin care. Our clinic has been providing mesotherapy services for many regions for many years, you can ask the questions you are curious about by contacting us.

What Components Mesotherapy Containsmelts?

The components for mesotherapy are included below.

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Various amino acids
  • Many vitamins, especially vitamins A, B, C, D
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants

Available. Mesotherapy, which is completely natural with the materials it contains and does not contain any elements that the skin will react by rejecting after application, is a method that supports natural collagen production and gives extremely successful results around the eyes as in many areas. The structures it contains cause many changes in your skin.

Mesotherapy Businesslemi NasYear Implementedr?

Mesotherapy application; If our patient who makes an appointment with our clinic and comes to consultation is suitable for the application, the following steps are applied.

  • The patient’s skin is cleaned during the application and made ready for mesotherapy treatment.
  • Local anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure.
  • Mesotherapy applied in the form of injection is applied to the eye contour at certain intervals (0.5) cm intervals.
  • The average procedure takes 15 minutes for both eyes and the patient can leave the clinic within half an hour in total.

GöAre There Side Effects of Mesotherapy Procedure for Under z?

Mesotherapy under the eyes has fewside effects. For only a few days after the procedure, redness, bruising or small scabs may appear at the injection site. Over a period of a few days, these crusts disappear. Again, the patient is advised to avoid makeup applications for a few days.

Mesotherapy Application Göz Six Interiorin NasWhat are the Impacts?

GöChanges after mesotherapy for under z;

  • Mesotherapy, which is applied between 6 and 8 sessions on average, is 3. starts to show in one session.
  • Under-eye bruises and bags decrease and the ring appearance begins to decrease over time.
  • Sagging under the eyes is 5. As of the session, it becomes tense as collagen production is supported.
  • That image that makes you look tired and older disappears.
  • The discoloration around the eyes is resolved in a short time and the person can have skin with an even color tone.
  • When the application is done together with bonta, wrinkle problems can be solved from the first session.

Although under-eye mesotherapy is among the most demanded applications of our clinic, we have been offering treatments for under-eye and other areas to many of our clients for years.