Tightening Treatment

Treatmentmethodsfortightening are the treatment whole preferred by people who have complaints of laxity in their skin in order to get rid of these problems in a short time by using non-surgical techniques. Although tightening refers to getting rid of excess weight, reducing the fatty appearance and achieving a fresh body, it is observed that the body surfaces remain too soft and need tightening, especially if individuals with excess weight lose weight rapidly. Although many methods are applied for tightening treatment, these methods are usually regionally based.

Bötighten regionallyma MIs it Possible?

Regionaltightening is not possible with natural methods. The main reasons for this situation;

  • While losing weight and fat, this loss does not occur in every part of the body
  • Softening and loosening of the skin as a result of weight loss
  • Inability of the body to recover as a result of a life without sports

It can be explained as. With cardio and exercises, it is possible for people to lose weight naturally and at the same time target the muscles in the area in question and tighten them, especially by practicing weights and regional movements. Especially in clinical centers, many treatment methods have been developed on tightening and these treatments are actively applied.

What Clinics Are There For Tightening Up?öMethods Preferable?

The best ways to tighten upönmethods

  • Cold lipolysis
  • Vacuuming technique
  • Radiofrequency
  • G5
  • Satin body lift
  • Liposuction

It can be interpreted as. Today, there are many body firming devices that are actively produced and constantly being developed in the market, and these devices are also applied in clinics with different methods to accelerate fat burning and make the area look firmer.

Onionuk Lipolysis How to Tighten Withr?

Tightening with cold lipolysismethod is a preferred method. Cold lipolysis, which has been developed with a system that aims to break down fat cells and remove them through urine, is among the most successful applications of our clinic.

  • Cold lipolysis method is applied in areas such as belly, buttocks, legs and inner leg; arms.
  • It targets fat cells on the area where the device is applied.
  • The targeted fat is frozen by the lipolysis device.
  • A slight pain is felt during the procedure and the person can go through the procedure in about 50 minutes without any problems.
  • Lipolysis, which can be performed every 2 months, gives definite results after 2-3 sessions. Each session makes 25-30% reduction in fat tissue

How to Tighten with Radiofrequency TechniqueWhat Happens?

Regional tightening can be realized with radiofrequency technique. The tightening process is provided depending on the radiofrequency application between 40-55 degrees. This procedure can be applied with peace of mind in people with excess fat accumulation on the belly and hips, especially in cellulite treatment. This method, which aims to break the fat by targeting it directly, is an absolutely painless method. The patient does not feel pain during the application and the procedure can be taken in 15-day sessions over a period of 3 months.

Should Tightening with G5 Massage be Preferred?

Although the G5 massage technique is extremely successful in the body area, it is of great importance in the elimination of excess fat in the buttocks and in the treatment of cellulite. This method refers to the process of massaging the body with the help of a device. The massager, which works rhythmically on the problematic area by stimulating the area, greatly accelerates the blood circulation here by stimulating the area. This supports the body’s natural fat burning process. G5 massage is extremely successful in areas that can be considered circulatory system diseases such as cellulite. They can be preferred with peace of mind by both young and older people.

Satin VBody Lift Ile NasAnnual Tighteningr?

Satinbody lift technique is realized with the help of a device that uses radiofrequency energy in the market.

  • This method supports the collagen production of connective tissues and does not have any direct application for fat burning.
  • Although it is a very painless and fast method, it is aimed to achieve a fit appearance as a result of tightening the muscles that make up the skin.
  • Satin body lift procedure must be applied together with sports because it has no direct effect on fat cells.
  • It can give extremely successful results in terms of weight or on skin that does not have excess fat but still needs tightening.

Tightening YöAre Methods Painful?

Regional tightening refers to a situation that does not causepain and even most of the time the person will be quite comfortable.

BöRegional Tightening YöWhat to Pay Attention to After the Methods?

After the firming treatment application;

  • Transactions must be balanced with sports and healthy nutrition
  • Since the methods ensure that fat burning is excreted through the urinary tract, you should consume plenty of water.
  • Alcohol, coffee and smoking should be avoided
  • Acidic drinks such as cola should not be consumed

Regional tightening treatment gives successful results with a very high percentage when performed under expert control.