Stretch Mark Treatment

Treatment of stretch marks is a process that must be provided by experienced specialists. Although stretch marks, which can occur in both women and men due to many reasons, especially weight gain and loss, do not pose significant health problems, they are not desired by people because they do not create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Stretch mark treatment was introduced for this purpose and treatment is applied with different methods to eliminate unsightly body lines.

What is a Crack? What Causes Cracks in the Skinl Oluşur?

Crack by definition refers to the structures that occur on the skin surface. As a result of the thinning of the skin layer, which appears in the form of lines and in certain layers over time, line-shaped structures occur on the skin. These structures, which also give the name Stria, are known as cracks among the people. However, these structures are not welcomed by people who care about their appearance and want to look aesthetically pleasing. Crack formation;

  • It is progressing in phases.
  • Thinning of the skin due to certain reasons and the decrease in the effect of collagen structures are among the first stages of the formation of stretch marks on the skin.
  • As the thinning skin loses its fiber connections, it creates the appearance of a tear here. At first this image takes on a color between pink and purple.
  • Treatment at this stage will give the most successful result, but if the problem persists and treatment is not performed, this pink tissue will be replaced by a white structure.
  • 3 of this process. that you’ve reached a stage. Since stretch marks are progressive, it is normal for the tissue in question to collapse over time and it is normal to feel the deterioration of the surface when touched by hand.

Causes of Stretch Marksur?

The factors that cause cracks are numerous. Some of these situations are listed below for you.

  • Rapid weight gain and loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Excessive body weight during bodybuilding
  • Hormonal problems
  • Hereditary causes

It is among the situations that may occur for the formation of a crack in the body. It can be seen in everyone regardless of age group. It is known that very thin people can also develop stretch marks due to hereditary reasons. However, it is possible to say that rapid weight gain and loss causes more stretch marks because it creates a direct stress on the skin.

Body Ücracks on Which BöFormation in Regionsur?

Theareas where body stretch marks occur can appear as any area where the amount of fat is high. Since everyone’s body can vary, this information may vary depending on which area has more adipose tissue. But in general terms

  • Hips and buttocks
  • Belly
  • Meme
  • The inside of the arms and legs

It is among the areas where stretch marks are most visible. Especially during pregnancy, it may be possible to say that stretch marks on the belly and hip tissue in women are extremely intense. In many bodybuilders, when the weight is used in an unbalanced way, it is possible to see tears on the skin in the armpits, arms and legs.

Was There a Stretch Mark Treatmentr?

For those who have a question about how to treat stretch marks, it is possible to say that many methods have been developed over the years and that these methods are very effective on people with stretch mark problems. Some of these methods;

  • PRP treatment
  • Laser
  • Radiofrequency method
  • Dermaroller method

It can be summarized as. Each physician adopts a method of stretch mark treatment according to the patient’s condition and his/her own expertise while treating stretch marks. However, fractional laser is among the most preferred methods both in our country and in the world to repair the striae tissue and to support the fiber growth here again.

Radiofrequency YöHow to Treat Stretch Marks with the Methodr?

The application of stretch mark treatment with radiofrequency refers to a method that can be applied for all age groups, painless and fast results can be obtained. We also apply this method in our clinic and achieve successful results in our patients.

  • Radiofrequency therapy is usually based on the logic of heating the area to a certain degree.
  • It will activate the collagen structure and help the fibers in the area to hold each other again.
  • Collagen production is triggered in the middle skin and positive effects are seen on stretch marks after a few sessions.

Dermaroller How to Treat Stretch Marks withr?

Treatment of stretch marks with Dermaroller should be applied in appropriate and hygienic clinical environments. Although the use of dermaroller at home has become widespread in recent years, it is not possible to treat stretch marks at home without appropriate serums. For this reason, it is important to come to the clinics and trust the experience of the experts.

  • Devices called dermarollers stimulate the skin by puncturing it with micro-needles.
  • Substances specially produced for collagen development applied afterwards, together with the hyaluronic acid and restorative amino acids in its content, provide a serious advantage for the repair of fiber tissue and the elimination of the problem occurring in stretch marks.
  • It is possible to see the positive effect on stretch marks when this method is applied for several sessions.
  • At the same time, results can be obtained much faster in the early stages when the color of the stretch marks is still between purple and pink.

How to Treat Striae with PRPr?

Striae treatment with PRP is a mesotherapy method. Successful effects are seen not only on stretch marks but also on any injury, scar or burn scar on the body. Improvement of stretch marks with PRP treatment;

  • It takes at least 5 sessions. Repeat the process according to the condition of the cracks
  • It involves the process of taking the person’s own blood, separating the platelets that create a vitality effect in its content and then turning it into a serum with substances with enhanced repair properties.
  • There is no harm in applying PRP treatment on breast tissue or on more sensitive areas such as inner legs.
  • After the area has been thoroughly cleaned and numbed, the substance is injected, where it is expected to have a restorative effect. 2-3. This result can be seen from the first month of life.

Pregnancy DöIs Stretch Mark Treatment Applied in Moisture?

Stretch mark treatment is not appliedduring pregnancy. None of the non-surgical body lift, aesthetic or detox methods are among the methods that are not recommended during pregnancy. The rate of stretch marks during pregnancy is quite high, but in very few women, it can be seen that stretch marks do not occur as a result of overstretching. Stretch mark treatment is a treatment method that should be avoided during pregnancy. People with suspected pregnancy may also prefer this application after breastfeeding. In addition, creams or natural products that allow the skin to remain intact and protect the fibers can be used to prevent stretch marks from forming during pregnancy.