Smile Aesthetics

Aesthetic smile design is a developing sector in today’s world where appearance is extremely important. The whole set of procedures, also known as smile design, refers to situations where the patient’s mouth, lips and jaw structure look healthy as a whole and are in harmony with each other. Since our teeth and smile reveal a lot of information about us,smileaesthetics refers to a treatment process that needs to be done seriously and carefully. For this reason, it should only be carried out by experts. While tissue deterioration in the teeth constitutes the main element of the smile, the lips, cheek area and jaw tissues are the parts that should be as a whole.

How Do Aesthetic Specialists Apply Treatments in Smile Aesthetics?

Although teeth are at the forefront in smile design, if the person wants his smile to look aesthetic, he should be aware that his teeth and other parts of his body should look in harmony. For this reason;

  • Lip
  • Cheeks
  • Jaw
  • Tissue between nose and lips

Although they play an important role in the smile, any tissue deterioration or congenital deformities of the chin or lips can cause the smile to not look as pleasant as the patient desires. In such cases, it is aimed to apply to these areas with small touches and to have the smile that the person wants to achieve.

Diwithout treatmentn GCan Aesthetic Aesthetics be Performed?

In smile aesthetics, dental treatment is the indispensable building block of the process. Treatment cannot be completed without having healthy and beautiful looking teeth. Although a mouth that is free of tartar, teeth that are free of malformations, whose color is preserved and problems occurring in the gums are eliminated can bring a healthy smile, it does not always bring an aesthetic smile. The biggest reason for this situation is that the face is not considered as a whole and the proportions on the face have a direct effect on your smile. For this reason, especially lips and chin texture have a complementary effect for people who want to have a beautiful smile. However, for people who do not have dental treatment, having other treatments will not directly help you to have a beautiful smile.

Who Can Have Smile Design?

People who can apply smile design;

  • People with complete tooth development
  • People who think that although their teeth are healthy, their lips or nose area is defective
  • Those who want to make their healthy and beautiful teeth look more aesthetic with small touches

Although there are many doctors who provide services in smile design, it would not be the right approach to work with any specialist without seeing previous patient references.

Rosemseme aestheticsWhat to Consider the Specialist When Making theöre Seçshould?

Among the things to be considered during smile design, the expert you have chosen takes the lead. Apart from that;

  • Expert experience
  • Communication with the expert
  • Previous patient procedures and feedback from patients
  • How much experience the specialist who will perform the procedure has
  • Transaction Price
  • Which filling materials to use
  • Which procedures will be performed on the patient

Factors such as. Doctors who perform medical aesthetic applications cannot work directly on the teeth. However, they can work jointly with dentists onsmileaesthetics. The patient who first undergoes the necessary dental treatments in various dental clinics can then work directly on this area, especially if they feel any deficiency or uncomfortable situation on the lip tissue. As a result of conditions such as deformities in the nose or subsequent fractures, it can cast a shadow on your smile. Complementary effects are the cornerstones of smile aesthetics.

What is the Importance of Lips in Smile Design?

Lips in smile design refers to the process of receiving medical aesthetic intervention as a complement when people still cannot find the expected effect as a result of having their teeth done. Lips are the structure that makes the mouth a whole together with the teeth, and for people who do not have proportional lips, the smile may not be as aesthetic as thought. Due to this situation, doctors can create miracles on the lips of patients with small applications they make to achieve more beautiful smile designs. Among the applications that can be done for lips;

  • Adjusting the thickness of the lips using various filling methods
  • If it is thought that the lips are too low, lip lifting is performed using various filling methods.
  • Changing the location of the lip line with small interventions to be applied in cases where it is thought that the lip line cannot center the teeth

It is among the very important factors in lip design. Apart from that, although lips are among the most important parts of the smile, they are not the only parts.

Nose B in Smile AestheticsöWhat is the Importance of the Region?

Smile aesthetics is also very important for the nose. If a nose that is too big or a nose that is thought to be deformed and causes discomfort to the patient attracts more attention than normal in the face, this can often cover up how beautiful your lips and teeth are when you smile. Especially when the person laughs, the opened nostrils can create an unpleasant appearance.

  • Prevention of enlargement of the nostrils
  • Elimination of deformities occurring in the nose
  • A steeper nose

It can give you an extremely beautiful effect during your smile. Apart from this, the chin and cheeks are also among the elements that make complementary effects during the smile.

Rosemseme aestheticsWhat is the Importance of Chin and Cheeks?

Thechin and cheeks together with the mouth form the region called nasolabial (the line extending from the lower outer corner of the nose to the outer edge of the lips). For many reasons, you may realize that although your teeth and lips are beautiful, you cannot get the smile you want. In this case, we can say that defects in the jaw line or cheeks cause this situation. These situations;

  • Distortion of the shape of the jawbone
  • Excessive thinness of the chin tip
  • The chin is too round and not compatible with the face
  • Insufficient definition of cheekbones
  • Depressed cheeks

Such factors cause your smile not to be as beautiful as you would like. In these cases, what needs to be done is to complete the dental treatments and then quickly make touches on your smile with the help of a doctor who performs a medical aesthetic application.

Smile Aesthetics ÜHow Much Wages Werer?

Smile aesthetic prices vary depending on the examination of the person and the decision on what changes will be made. Aesthetic perception is different for everyone and this is no different forsmileaesthetics. The facial features and jaw structure of the person are examined and then a treatment is determined for the person accordingly. In this process, a study is determined by taking into account the doctor’s recommendations as well as the elements that the person wants to see about his smile. In line with this study, if the pricing given to the person is accepted, the necessary facial line measurements can be prepared and the patient can be worked on smile aesthetics.