Paris Suspension

The Parishanger method, also known as the French hanger, is one of the biggest trends of recent times and represents a serious process in the treatment of sagging skin that has lost its tension. Parissuspension method, also known as Paris suspension method, is also applied in our clinic. While it is more preferred in older people because the skin has lost its vibrant structure and has lost its elasticity, the method is applied in young people, especially due to the collection of jowl tissue and the appearance of cheekbones.

Paris Suspension YöIs the ntemi Preferable by Everyone?

Paris asksensing yöpeople who can benefit from the method;

  • People aged 40 and over with sagging appearance on their face
  • Those with loosening and sagging in the neck
  • Those who do not have a disease that prevents the procedure (uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)

Paris Does the Rope Suspension Method Hurt??

Paris suspension is apainless method. The biggest reason for this situation is that anesthesia is applied before the silicone threads are placed on your face. Since the situation may be much more worrying for some people, it may be possible to give some sedative medications to the person before the procedure with the recommendation of the physician. However, in general terms, anesthesia applied about half an hour before the procedure will be sufficient for the procedure to be performed painlessly without any problems.

What are the Advantages of Paris Suspension?

Paris suspension differs from many other methods in terms of itsadvantages. Advantages of this method;

  • It is a non-surgical treatment method and no incision is directly applied on the face
  • Almost no scarring on the face
  • The scar formed in the area where the threads are placed disappears within a few days
  • It offers the possibility to recover very quickly
  • The procedure is painless
  • While other methods offer an average of 1 to 1.5 years of use, the rope suspension method allows up to 5 years of use.
  • Direct effect on both neck and cheek

It has advantages such as. For this reason, the rope suspension method is much more preferred than other treatment methods.

Fransgrill Hanger YöHow Longrede Get wellir?

Although thehealing process ofthe French strap varies from person to person, it is known that healing is seen in the face area in a much shorter period of time. However, when applied on the arms, legs and breast tissue, the healing process may be slightly longer compared to other areas. On average, we can say that this period is between 3 days and 2 weeks. The patient does not need to be hospitalized after the application. It is possible to return to daily life immediately. Resting for only 1 day after the procedure may be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Fransdid the grill sling have side effectsr?

French sling refers to a much more advantageous process than other methods in terms ofside effects. These side effects can take place as follows.

  • Bruise
  • Swelling of the skin due to the placement of the thread under the skin
  • Very minor bleeding in the rope areas
  • Painful sensation when moving the area for a few days

It is among the side effects experienced. However, since this method is carried out under much more sterile conditions than other types of treatment, there is no incision or any surgical intervention directly in question, there is no deformation or problem on the skin such as infection. For this reason, the Paris suspension method is very popular and preferred by people who want to have smooth facial features.

Paris Suspension YöHow is the Method Implementedr?

Althoughthe application of the Paris suspensionmethod is also performed individually, consultation is absolutely necessary since the facial contours must be schematized.

  • For the procedure, the patient makes an appointment at our clinic and comes directly to our center.
  • During the examinations, the measurements of the person regarding the rope hanging method are taken, the patient’s suitability is tested and the method used for treatment is determined.
  • Since the use of medical threads in the rope suspension method allows the procedure to be performed without any stitches, the procedure is started without incision after anesthesia is given to the application area.
  • For excessively sagging and wrinkled skin, the procedure can be started after PRP and mesotherapy processes.
  • It is possible to say that the thread suspension method gives much more successful results in people who take good care of their skin and have been practicing non-surgical skin care techniques for many years.
  • The horizontal line created between the problematic area and the head is shaped according to the simulation in which the patient’s face shape is determined.
  • With the techniques used, the rope to be applied to the problematic area of the face is kept in the head and the procedure is completed.
  • This procedure takes about 1 hour on average and the patient can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure.

FransFor Which Age Groups is the Grid Strap Suitable?

Although theappropriate age group forFrench suspension is ideally taken as 40-60 years old, it should be noted that there is no age group that can be said with certainty. There is no harm in its application in male or female patients. However, the rope method is not generally preferred for young skin.

Paris Hanger Yön Method to Solve the Double Chin Problemzer Mi?

The Paris strap also creates a treatment effect for people withdouble chin problems. This is because the method refers to fixing it just behind the ear by means of ropes. Lifting and stretching of the face are among the main elements of this process. Therefore, we can say that this problem solves the jowl problem and the patient can say goodbye to sagging in the jowl without any problems without surgery.

Fransgrill Hanger YöIs the Method Widely Used?

Paris suspension method is a very popular application and is among the favorite facelift and lifting methods used as a non-surgical solution in many countries in Europe as well as Turkey. You can call our clinic for detailed information and price information.