Paris Sparkle

Paris radiance mesotherapy is among the anti-aging applications of our age. Paris Glow, which is one of the techniques recommended as a result of the examination of the patient’s face by a specialist in skin care sessions, is highly sought after by women who want to provide the skin with the minerals it needs, to obtain a younger, wrinkle-free and most importantly smooth surface. It can be applied for men and women of all age groups. The average age for this non-surgical treatment method is 30 and above. However, depending on the condition of the skin, it can also be preferred by lower age groups.

To Whom the Parisian Glow Appliesr?

The people who can apply the Paris glow can be interpreted as anyone who has reached adulthood without any age group. Apart from that;

  • In order for any application to be performed in the clinic, the patient must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Those who suffer from skin dryness and sensitivity
  • Those with wrinkle problems
  • Those who want to undergo non-surgical anti-aging treatment
  • Those with thinning and loss of elasticity in the skin on the face and application areas
  • Those who want to see the skin care effect on a regular basis
  • Those who want to eliminate color inequalities on their face
  • Those with skin with too rough texture

He is among the people who may prefer this treatment. Apart from that, as the product is developed to minimize the anti-aging effects considering its main purpose of use, alternative methods can be recommended for young people instead of the Paris mesotherapy method, as it cannot be applied directly at one time under the age of 18. It is also recommended that breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, just in case, should not prefer this treatment method until the pregnancy is completed and breastfeeding is over.

What’s in Paris Sparkle?

Paris radiance is based on the process of creating more than 55 ingredients as a result of clinical researches as a result of many years. Giving shine to the skin, shrinking pores and creating a shiny and velvet texture on the skin are among the details based on this treatment method. The components have also been selected accordingly. Accordingly, in the content of the article;

  • Hyaluronic Acid: It is one of the main components of the substance, which allows the skin to retain water and always remain moisturized. The main base of the Paris type mesotherapy method is hyaluronic acid. It prevents skin dryness, increases elasticity and takes precautions against conditions such as peeling, especially on the skin. It minimizes problems such as wear, wrinkles and enlarged pores in the application areas.
  • Vitamins: 12 types of vitamins, especially vitamins A, B, K, C and D, have been added to the ingredient to provide the skin with the substances it needs and especially to create the anti-aging factor; It has also yielded successful results on many subjects with the researches conducted.
  • Amino acids: One of the leading problems such as sagging, deformity and wrinkles is the deterioration of the amino acid balance of the body as it ages. In the Paris type mesotherapy method, amino acids needed by the skin are also provided in the components prepared to prevent this problem.
  • Coenzyme and minerals: In order to speed up the metabolism, increase the body’s water retention and keep it moisturized, there are also many active ingredients that are beneficial to the body.

Paris Sparkle Which BöApplicable to Regions?

Paris glitter can be applied bölgeler;

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage Area
  • Inner thighs
  • Thighs
  • Hands

Paris Glow can be applied to any area where loss of elasticity and signs of aging are evident. This substance, which has emerged as French production worldwide, is the formula that many celebrities have used as anti-aging. It is aimed to provide the skin with the substances needed by the skin and thus prevent the aging appearance. If this treatment method is continued regularly every year after the application, the aging appearance is largely prevented as it will continue to provide the skin with the minerals and other components it needs for many years. For people aged 30 and over, the method, which is a very beautiful and non-surgical technique, is among the most preferred beauty applications of recent years.

How to Apply Parisian Glowr?

Paris glitter application;

  • Cleaning the application area with appropriate techniques
  • Local anesthetic cream application
  • Preparation for injection of more than 55 components essential for the body
  • Providing injection on the cleaned tissue

Processes. The technique is a completely non-surgical technique and if it is started to be used at an appropriate age and its continuity is ensured, since all the substances needed by the skin will be provided, it greatly reduces the deterioration of the skin in later ages and the need for applications such as stretching and lifting with surgical techniques. The application should be performed by a specialized physician in the clinic.

What Changes Happen to the Skin After Paris Glow Application?

Many changes can occur in the skin as a result of Paris glow application. The application is performed in several sessions and on average, from the second session onwards, the person can feel and visually see the changes in their skin.

  • After the application, since the hyaluronic acid substance gives the skin back the moisture it needs, the person feels that the dryness and peeling problem, if any, has been largely prevented from the first session.
  • In the following sessions, since the pores on the skin of the person will be cleaned with active ingredients and antioxidants, it will be possible to visibly see that acne and acne formations on the skin are reduced.
  • With the active collagen production occurring in the lower layers of the skin, it is possible to see that wrinkles are reduced and the skin begins to fill the pits.
  • Since the vitamins and minerals needed are provided to the skin, after the first session, you can see that the skin is radiant and shines and looks young when viewed from a distance.

How Many Sessions Is Paris Radiance Treatment Applied?r?

Although the number of sessions of Paris glow treatment is determined after the doctor and patient interview, it usually proceeds as 3 sessions, but 4. sessions may also be needed from time to time. During the treatment process, the first session is only called initiation, so that the skin metabolically accelerates itself and the tissues are ready for repair and regeneration. It is insufficient on its own and is followed by a second and third session. 2. The session now refers to the session period in which the skin eliminates its deficiencies and the body enters the repair phase. The 3rd one aims to make all these processes permanent. Clinics in elderly patients 4. may also require a session. It is generally aimed to complete the sessions every 2 weeks and to complete the treatment within a maximum period of 1.5 months.

Is Paris Sparkle Treatment Painful?

Paris glow treatment has no pain problem. Usually an anesthetic cream applied before the procedure will significantly reduce the sensation of pain. The components injected into the lower layers of the skin give results quickly and the person feels only a little pain during the application. Apart from this or after the application, there will be no side effects or pain for the person who has Paris Glow, except for minor redness and capillary bruising, and the person can return to his social life after the application.