Nose Filling

Nose Filling (Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics)

Rhinoplasty without surgery is among the most popular aesthetic methods of our age. The nose, which completely changes our aesthetic appearance in our body and affects the majority of the image we draw from the side profile, has been trying to be shaped with different techniques for many years and many of these methods can be painful for the patient. People who want to have nasal fillers can come to the relevant clinics and determine a suitable treatment for themselves by meeting with the doctor here. After the method applied to the nasal contours, it is possible to achieve the desired change in the nose. Especially since the method is temporary, the fact that it will return to its former state afterwards is among the situations that do not require revision compared to surgeries.

Who Can Have Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?r?

People who can undergo rhinoplasty without surgery;

  • Those who think that they have nasal deformity
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding

It is among the methods preferred by people who want to have a beautiful nose without surgery. Especially being non-surgical makes this method more popular compared to other aesthetic methods.

What are the Advantages of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Advantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty;

  • The application is almost painless
  • Recovery time is considerably shorter than other techniques
  • Giving the desired shape to the nose in a short time
  • Cost is cheaper than surgical techniques
  • Since it is temporary, the patient can get results in a short time when he wants his nose to return to its former state

Since it has such advantages, aesthetic centers are now using this method applied without surgery more and more, and there is a great interest by patients. Especially after rhinoplasty, nasal fillers can be used because the healing process is sometimes difficult for people and creates serious sensitivity problems for some bodies.

Which Procedures Can Be Performed With Nose Fillers?

The procedures that can be performed with nasal filling can be determined as follows. Since all of these methods can be made permanent with surgery, the situation can be fixed with surgery after the application is liked and the patient gets used to the nose he/she has. However, people who are afraid of surgery and find it sufficient to have fillers for the nose area can continue to have non-surgical methods.

  • Controlling the arched structure of the nose and obtaining a very smooth appearance from the side profile
  • Changing the nose, which appears much larger than the face, to an adequate size for the face with the methods applied
  • Elimination of curvatures in the nose or deformities that do not cause health problems in the nose due to impacts

It is among the methods to be eliminated in a short time with the filling process. In clinics, these procedures can be performed by a specialist doctor in a very short period of time.

Did Nose Filler Have Side Effectsr?

The side effects of nasal filling are among the questions frequently asked by people who want to prefer this method without surgery. Since it is not a surgical method and there is no intervention to the bone or methods such as shaving or cutting used in rhinoplasty, it can be said that this procedure has largely no side effects. However, as in every intervention, in the filling to be applied to the nose;

  • Nasal swelling, bruising and post-application edema are among the conditions that may be experienced
  • When the person moves the nasal area, they may experience pain and redness of the nasal skin.
  • Although the bloating problem heals in approximately a few days, the patient can return to his daily life the day after the application. For this reason, we can say that this method is preferred.
  • A very rare side effect is loss of vision. When the person decides on filler application, he/she should give consent to the application knowing that he/she may encounter this unwanted side effect.

How Nose Filling Is Doner?

Nose filling construction stages are of great importance for people who want to undergo this process. It is wondered how to obtain an aesthetic nose that is suitable for one’s own facial features and aesthetic nose with a short application of only one session without surgery. The following methods are applied for implementation and successful results are obtained.

  • After listening to the history of why the patient complains about the nasal area, a treatment method suitable for the patient is determined.
  • The patient’s nose measurements are taken and with the simulation method, the patient sees the nose structure that will emerge with the filling.
  • After this stage, the application process is started by coming to the clinic at the appropriate appointment time.
  • The area is hygienically cleaned and anesthetic creams are applied to the area to prevent pain while the substance is injected.
  • After the cream takes effect, the filler is injected into the problematic areas by the physician.
  • The patient can leave the clinic 30 minutes after the procedure.

How Long Does Nose Filling Procedure Takerer?

Althoughthe duration ofthenasal fillingprocedure varies from patient to patient, it is completed in an average of 20-30 minutes in many people. It is a single-session procedure and the time for the person to show effect after the filler is applied is short. It needs to be redone as the effect diminishes.

Does Nose Filling Cause Deformation in the Nose?

The possibility ofdeformation after the nasal filling procedure is among the situations that are very low. As a very rare unwanted side effect during the procedure, if the filler enters the vein, the nutrition of the nasal skin may be impaired and deformities may be seen.