New York Opal Hanger

New york suspension is a non-surgical treatment method applied by physicians through sterile clinics. It refers to the process of fixing the threads placed in the skin with a method that never damages the skin by using surgical threads on the problematic areas of the person and lifting the problematic area with the ‘lifting’ method. New York opal sling is applied by many clinics and physicians trained in our country and is applied on patients in a qualified manner. It includes a treatment method that is applied with exactly the same method as the Paris suspension method, only more modern in terms of facial structure and where the patient’s facial measurements are more at the forefront.

Is Real Rope Used in the New York Opal Suspension Method?

The use of the New york suspension thread is among the main questions asked by many clients seeking information when starting treatment. It is possible to summarize the threads used in the method and their properties as follows.

  • There are surgical and polyester threads used during face lifting and stretching.
  • With the anesthesia method, threads are placed in the appropriate layer of the skin and the area is lifted with the design determined according to the person’s own face.
  • The most preferred area for threads is the face area.
  • While the method can be used on the legs, breast tissue or arms, it is possible to say that the most common area of application is unquestionably the face.
  • The threads are produced in clinics in sterile environments and there are no side effects for the patient’s skin or any long-term damage to health.
  • Since it offers 5 years of use, it is much more advantageous to have a face lift with the rope suspension method.

In Which Skin Types is the Suspension Method Used?

When the suspension method is considered as skin types;

  • Skin that shows sagging characteristics with aging
  • Those who think that their face or body structure is not aesthetic or that they do not have a physique suitable for the golden ratio
  • Those who want to collect cheekbones, chin and jowl line especially in the face area with a single operation
  • Those who want to have a more characteristic facial structure designed by a specialist physician
  • Those who want to have a healthier and younger skin with a single method

You can use the suspension method through clinics and start to see flesh quickly.

Does the Hanger Method Prevent Facial Mimics?

The effect of the suspension method on facial expressions is a question asked especially by people in politics, performing arts and professional groups who serve as speakers in society. As mimics are very important for some professional groups, it is not a situation that we want to lose our mimics, which are our natural elements. This is why the rope suspension method differs from other methods and is much more preferred than other methods.

  • The rope suspension method only lifts the facial area and has no effect on the facial expressions since it has no effect on the nerves.
  • For this reason, the person has no problems with facial gestures and facial expressions.
  • Like the effect of Botox, it is not possible for someone without expertise to perceive the procedure in the area while laughing or raising the eyebrows.
  • With the possibility of extremely natural and long-term use, the person can return to his life without surgery.

How Long Does the Suspension Method Last?

The duration of the suspension method takes about 40 minutes on average, and depending on which part of the body is applied, the application lasts up to 1 hour. Since the facial area contains many organs and requires minimal touches, it may take longer compared to other methods. Apart from this, it can lift the breast tissue, prevent sagging in the arms or legs and provide a more vigorous appearance. The New York opal suspension method is preferred because it can be finalized in the same time frame as Botox applications and offers much more dynamic facial features and body.

Can the Threads be Removed in the Rope Suspension Method?

The rope hanger is for the removal of ropes. This is among the main factors that distinguish the thread suspension method from other non-surgical facelift and lifting methods. The strings can be removed at any time. Since it takes a certain amount of time for the Botox to clear, people may prefer a method without this problem. It takes only 30 minutes for the threads to be removed by the physician and reapplication is possible at any time.

Are Wrinkles and Sagging Resolved?

The rope hanger sagging problem is solved in the long term after the first session.

  • Since the thread suspension method is based on a method in which the facial contours of the person are designed to the desired extent, it directly addresses the problem of stretching and lifting.
  • The method, which aims to stretch the person based on the cheekbones, provides a great benefit in preventing the sagging problem, although alternative methods are needed to prevent wrinkles.
  • It will be possible to prevent the sagging problem of the facial area within time groups based on a single session for as long as 5 years.
  • Since the method cannot prevent aging, it is recommended to use alternative skin care and other techniques together with the rope suspension method.

What are the Advantages of the Rope Suspension Method?

Advantages of the rope suspension method;

  • Compared to other non-surgical facelift and rejuvenation techniques in the sector, it promises a definitive solution in only one session.
  • Does not leave any scars
  • The incision is not made during the procedure and there is no need for stitches in the facial area.
  • It heals in a very short time with stitches in areas such as breast tissue or inside the leg.
  • The materials used are completely body-friendly and since there is no foreign substance such as botox, there are no problems such as the body’s rejection of polyester threads and side effects.
  • It certainly does not cause facial expressions to disappear like other methods, and without an expert look from the outside, the application is often incomprehensible.
  • While Botox and its derivative applications are permanent for 1 year, the rope suspension method is permanent for an average of 5 years.
  • It is possible to return to one’s life immediately after the application.

Is Anesthesia Applied During the Procedure?

Rope sling method anesthesia application is performed under anesthesia based on the idea that the slings will be placed under the skin with appropriate injection methods. It is possible to numb the area locally and the patient feels absolutely no pain during the procedure. However, since the idea of rope suspension can sometimes frighten individuals, in this case it is possible to make the process even easier than it is by giving tranquilizers with the recommendation and guidance of the physician. Anesthesia is effective within a period of 20 minutes.

How Can I Make an Appointment for the Rope Suspension Method?

To make an appointment for the rope suspension method, you can contact our clinic directly and state that you want to have New york opal suspension . Our specialist and our team work under completely sterile conditions and we provide the application in accordance with your face with the possibility of use for more than 5 years with our happy patients. For price information, the necessary information is shared with the person after the consultation and we apply the rope suspension method after the process is mutually approved. We always help you via our cell phones or our website.