Moisture Therapy

Moisture therapy contains all the elements the skin needs and is also known as skin care. Moisture therapy , one of the sub-categories of facial mesotherapy applied in our clinic, nourishes the skin and makes it look healthier and more vibrant.

All these procedures are included in the category of facial mesotherapy and each of them has a different purpose. Moisture therapy is also often used to make the skin healthier and more radiant. It is a treatment that provides intensive moisturizing and tightening of the skin. It is possible to obtain a smooth skin with this method that maintains its effect with repeated applications.

Why Moisture Therapyr?

The reasons for moisture therapy are to eliminate skin pallor and to apply moisture to the skin. Humidity is a necessity for every human being as long as it is at a certain level. Moisture is needed to protect and care for the skin. For this reason, moisture therapy contains the elements that the skin needs and makes skin health sustainable. It is applied to prevent the skin from drying out, especially due to seasonal reasons, and to have a softer texture. With this application, the skin is not only healthier, but also oily appearance is prevented.

What are the Benefits of Moisture Therapy?

Moisture therapy, one of the mesotherapy applications, aims to give the skin a younger appearance. While this appearance is achieved, the skin is not damaged and on the contrary, the moisture, vitamins and mineral support that the skin needs is provided. The benefits of moisture therapy can be listed as follows:

  • A more youthful appearance of the skin
  • Increased light reflection of the skin
  • Increased skin moisture content
  • Skin shine
  • Achieve healthier skin
  • Preventing wear and tear
  • Skin care
  • Prevention of pale appearance
  • Elimination of tired appearance
  • Having a more vibrant skin

The benefits of moisture therapy include.

Who Can Receive Moisture Therapyr?

The people who receive moisture therapy are individuals who need this therapy. It is a therapy method that is suitable for all skin types, whether male or female, and makes many people’s skin look healthier. People who undergo moisture therapy are those whose skin needs this therapy and there is no age limit. Anyone can make an appointment at our clinic and have skin care treatments. Moisture therapy is among the skin care methods that we apply individually with our expert staff and professional equipment.

Which Skin Does Moisture Therapy Apply To?r?

There is no distinction for the skin on which moisture therapy is applied. Moisture therapy is suitable for all skin types, whether dry skin, combination skin or oily skin. The important factor here is that the skin needs moisture. In addition to the skin’s need for moisture, moisture therapy can be applied for many different reasons. Moisture therapy is a comprehensive therapy and may not be directly related to the problem of humidity. People who want to have moisture therapy can safely choose this method. Depending on the skin type, factors such as which therapies can be performed, the ingredients to be used and the number of sessions are decided with the experts.

Is Aloe Vera Juice Used in Moisture Therapy?r?

Aloe vera juice and moisture therapy are methods that can be applied together. There are many products and methods used in moisture therapy. In the light of these products and methods, the most appropriate material and method is decided according to the skin of the person. One of the main ingredients used in moisture therapy is aloe vera juice. The high moisture content and vitamins in aloe vera juice give the skin a healthy appearance. While the skin’s radiance increases, it also gets the moisture it needs faster.

How Moisture Therapy Worksr?

In moisture therapy, the skin of the person is first cleaned and local anesthetic cream is applied to the application area. After waiting for 30 minutes, pure hyaluronic acid or vitamins combined with hyaluronic acid or collagen combined with hyaluronic acid or a mixture of hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA is injected into the skin. They are usually applied in 3-4 sessions at 2-week intervals. In addition, the new generation has started applications with 5, 6 or 7 point technique with products that have both lifting and moisture vaccine properties. These are usually applied in 2 sessions 1 month apart or 3 sessions depending on the case. Moisture vaccinations can also be applied to the face, neck, décolleté, hands, arms and legs.

When to do Moisture Therapy?

The time to have moisture therapy is usually in the spring months, but it can be done at any time. Moisture therapy has a system that nourishes the skin and gives the vitamins and minerals the skin needs as supplements. The time for moisture therapy is basically when the person needs it. People who want to have moisture therapy can contact our experts and request a customized calendar according to their personal characteristics and skin types. Moisture therapy is a personalized method.

How Often Moisture Therapy Should Be Performed?

The frequency of moisture therapy should be a joint decision between the experts and the client. If desired, moisture therapy can be applied several times a year. When you want to have moisture therapy, you can contact our experts and arrange a session again. This is determined depending on the person’s skin type and other factors. Depending on the skin type, the skin’s need for moisture, sagging and other deformations on the skin, the frequency of moisture therapy is decided. Regular moisture therapy is recommended.

Vitamin Support in Moisture Therapyi Var Mı?

Moisture therapy and vitamin support also have a positive effect on the skin. When moisture therapy is performed, vitamins are given to the skin with both the ingredients and the therapy sessions. Moisture therapy nourishes the skin and causes the skin to gain a younger appearance with the collagen it contains. Moisture therapy not only increases the moisture content of the skin, but also makes the skin healthier with vitamin support. Moisture therapy, which includes all the supplements needed to have healthier skin, is a procedure that everyone can apply.

Age Limit for Moisture Therapy Var Mı?

There is no age restriction for moisture therapy, but it is recommended that the person to be treated should be of legal age or have completed puberty. Moisture therapy is a therapy that can be applied to everyone and the important thing here is the need for therapy. Moisture therapy is offered to anyone who needs it. After the application of moisture therapy, there are factors to be considered and as long as these factors are taken into consideration, moisture therapy will maintain its effect for a long time.