Mesolifting application is a procedure performed by our expert staff in our clinic. This procedure gives the skin a younger and healthier appearance. Mesolifting is a skin renewal procedure that can be applied to many people. With mesolifting, it is possible to have healthier skin and correct the deformation caused by aging. With mesolifting, skin sagging and blemishes on the skin that occur over time are removed and a healthier appearance is gained.

There are big differences between the skin before and after mesolifting application. You can reach our clinic from our contact information for detailed information about mesolifting applied by our experts and to make an appointment. If you wish, you can also visit our clinic and meet our expert staff.

What is Mesolifting?

The aim of mesolifting is to give the skin a younger and more radiant appearance. With this application to renew the skin, the skin recovers itself and gains a healthier appearance. Mesolifting, which is applied especially when the skin sags, collects the skin and makes it firmer. By removing the blemishes on the skin, it creates a smooth appearance and people have a younger appearance with mesolifting.

Mesolifting can also be applied to prevent some skin problems that occur with age. It is recommended to wait for people to reach a certain age to perform mesolifting application. Mesolifting is a popular procedure that covers many areas and provides a sustainable result.

Mesolifting Which BöStructured to Regionsr?

Theareaswheremesoliftingis performed are the areas that the person needs, but it is usually performed on the face and neck. Between these sections, the application is applied to the area that the person needs. The places where mesolifting application will be performed vary according to the areas that people need. If desired, it is also possible to apply to more than one area. The areas where mesolifting application is performed are as follows:

  • Cheek
  • Jaw
  • Lip
  • Eye corners
  • Top of hands
  • Neck region
  • Decollete area
  • Take it
  • Arms and legs

Mesolifting application can be safely applied to these areas. If you want to have an application on a different part of the body other than these specified areas, you should consult with our experts.

Mesolifting NasYear Implementedr?

The way mesoliftingis done involves cures using needles. There are special guns used for mesotherapy and the application is performed on the skin through these guns. This application should be done by experts. Everyone working with us in our clinic is experienced and specialized in this field. For this reason, you can safely participate in mesotherapy sessions and make your skin look younger. In the mesolifting process, which is performed with special substances injected under the skin, sessions last an average of 20 minutes each and people may feel a slight pain or soreness. Anesthesia before mesolifting application is local and regional numbness is provided. For this reason, the process is completed safely without feeling anything during the procedure.

How Many Mesolifting Session Sürer?

Mesolifting session duration varies from person to person and region to region. Every person’s skin characteristics are different from each other. Therefore, the number of sessions may vary. In addition, the area where the mesolifting application will be applied is also effective on the number of sessions. Mesolifting application usually lasts between 4 and 6 sessions. It can be applied as a cure or other methods can be preferred. The method of application is decided by the experts and the client. Mesolifting application can be designed to be applied every 1-2 weeks. A personalized calendar is drawn up and it is very important for the clients to stick to this calendar in order to make the effect of mesolifting application sustainable.

Who Can Mesolifting Be Applied Tor?

Those who have mesolifting are usually middle-aged and late-aged people. It is recommended to apply mesolifting especially after the age of 25. It is important to wait for a person to enter adulthood. Mesolifting is performed for age-related spots and sagging and for this reason, it is not considered necessary for young people to have it done. If sagging, blemishes and loss of radiance are seen on the face before the age of 25 due to health reasons, mesolifting application may be preferred in this case. In mesolifting application, the fact that the person’s adolescence period is over makes the result to be obtained more permanent and effective.

Is Mesolifting Suitable for Men?

Mesolifting is a procedure that can also be applied for men. This practice is not only applied to women. Although men do not prefer such applications due to the social gender perception that continues today, this does not mean that they cannot have mesolifting. People who have problems such as sagging, spotting, wrinkles and scars on their face can easily have mesolifting. The only important factor in mesolifting and similar mesotherapy sessions is the age of the person. Guidance is given according to the skin type, the desired procedure and the person. Although men and women’s skin is different, men can also have this application safely.

Is Mesolifting Permanent?

There is no permanent mesolifting application , people who are looking for a permanent solution in this regard should prefer plastic surgery. With the mesolifting application, people see the effect of these sessions for a certain period of time and need to be renewed after a while. The renewal of the mesolifting application depends on the person and can be done again if desired.

What is the Duration of Effect of Mesolifting?

The duration of the effect of mesolifting starts after all sessions are over and lasts for about 4 to 6 months. After this process, clients can renew the mesolifting application if they wish. Mesolifting is an application that usually starts to show its effect after long sessions. With the mesolifting application, people not only get a younger appearance but also feel happier. If it is desired to benefit from the result to be obtained for a long time, in this case, mesolifting application should be supported by regular sports and healthy nutrition.

What are the Benefits of Mesolifting?

The benefits of mesolifting are not limited to a single criterion. The mesolifting process performed by our experts has many benefits and as a result of these benefits, people will have a healthier appearance. Mesolifting is a particularly anti-aging application and is used to solve the problems caused by aging. In addition to having younger skin, it is also possible to achieve brighter and healthier skin. You can make an appointment with our clinic to have this application, which many people safely prefer, and talk to our experts.

MesoliftingWhich Ingredients are in the product?

Hyaluronic acid is one of the active ingredients of mesolifting application. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can be used safely in all filling procedures. Hyaluronic acid is present in most of the procedures performed without aesthetic surgery. In addition to hyaluronic acid, different substances are also used in mesolifting application. The active ingredients in mesolifting application are as follows:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Stem cell
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Co-enzyme
  • Dimethyl amino ethanol
  • DNA of salmon

They are the main substances used in mesolifting application.