Lip Fillers

Lip augmentation is a method that allows the lips to be fuller and more remarkable. Although it is a non-surgical technique, due to the special structure of the lips, the filler to be applied to this area should be much softer than the type of product applied to other parts of the body. Much progress has been made in the field of lip fillers, and silicone fillers that cause lip loss have been replaced by natural fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which has an important place in the body’s collagen production. Lips that look much more natural and remarkable all over the world are now made by specialist physicians and clinics, regardless of men and women.

For What Purpose is Lip Augmentationr?

Preferred purposes of lip augmentation;

  • A disproportion in the size of one’s lips
  • The lower lip is fuller or thinner than it should be
  • Size difference between the upper lip and lower lip
  • Lack of clear lip lines
  • Failure to get the desired efficiency from the lips during smile aesthetics
  • The desire to have larger, flamboyant and attention-grabbing lips
  • To give the volume back to the lips that have lost volume

It can be interpreted as. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for lip augmentation in both men and women.

Lips Insidein Do Fillingğal GöVisible Mü?

Naturalness in lip augmentation is of course one of the biggest question marks in the minds of those who will prefer this operation. In the first years of the emergence of filling application to the lips, silicone was used as a filling method and a very artificial image was formed in the patient. Today’s aesthetic understanding is based on moving away from the artificial and having a simple and natural appearance. Being aware of this situation, the medical aesthetics world, immediately after the silicone loses its function, firstly the process of injecting the fat taken from the patient himself into the lips, and then the method of using hyaluronic acid, which is one of the basic parts of many treatments, as a dermal filler.

Is Lip Augmentation Under 18 Years of Age?

Under the age of 18, lip augmentation is not performed. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure for children even with family consent. However, an adult individual can perform lip augmentation procedures in clinics if they meet the relevant health conditions.

What Should Be Considered Before Lip Augmentation?

Things to do beforelip augmentation ;

  • Which filler to use during the application
  • Price information
  • Permanence of the application
  • Whether there is a process revision guarantee

Many factors should be taken into consideration and then the clinic should be selected for the filling procedure.

Did Lip Filler Have Side Effectsr?

  • Side effects in lip augmentation may occur due to the injections used during the application. Edema and bruising are the most common side effects, but the effect will not last more than 4-5 days. During direct intervention on the lip tissue, bleeding may occur here due to the high density of capillaries. In addition, since hyaluronic acid is now used during lip augmentation instead of old-fashioned methods and this substance has been tested by experts and the scientific world and is a substance that does not harm the body, it is unlikely to experience any complications.

How to Make Lip Augmentationr?

During lip augmentation, the patient is consulted, the condition of the lips is examined, the medical history is questioned and if the patient is a woman, the patient is evaluated whether she is pregnant or not. After this stage

  • The patient’s lip measurements are taken and the size of the two lips to each other is calculated on the computer.
  • The lip shape that will best suit the person’s face and make the person look aesthetic can be drawn and designed by hand by the physician, or if deemed appropriate, the type of lip demanded all over the world, such as Venus lip, can be applied directly.
  • After the imaging program, the patient is shown which lip structure he/she wants to have through the program and the patient chooses the type that will suit him/her the most.
  • First, an injection containing anesthesia is made on the lip and thus the feeling of pain is prevented.
  • Dermal filler is placed above and below the lip and has an inflating effect on the lip.
  • After the procedure, the person can leave the clinic and continue their daily life.

Was Lip Filler Permanentr?

Lip filling permanence varies according to the material used as filling material. In temporary lip fillers, the patient can use their lips for up to 8-10 months. If the lips are stimulated by too much massage and the main substance in them loses its function over time, a temporary procedure should be provided again. After the filling, coloring works can also be done and the person can leave the lip augmentation procedure quite satisfied. The fillers that affect the lips are calculated by physicians taking into account the fine details and then applied to the patient. Even if the person is not satisfied with the application, it is possible to dissolve hyaluronic acid with hyaluronidase application.

10 Frequently Asked Questions and 10 Answers about Lip Augmentation

1. What are the Ingredients of Lip Fillers?

There are many brands on the market and the most well-known and respected fillers among aesthetic specialists should be the cross-linked fillers that have received FDA approval. The basic filler consists of Hyaluronic compound injected into the lip area. Hyaluronic Acid fillers not only plump the lips, but also increase moisture to make any treatment look natural.

2. Does Lip Filler Hurt?

They say no pain, no gain, but it depends a lot on one’s tolerance level. We use a numbing cream that is applied to the general lip area. Some pressure discomfort can still be expected, but it soon passes once the treatment is finished.

3. How Fast Can I See Lip Filler Results?

There will be slight swelling and bruising after the procedure. You will be advised to use ice compresses and cream treatments to reduce any discomfort. The results should be noticeable when the swelling goes down after about 24-72 hours.

4. How Much Lip Filler is Needed?

It depends entirely on the individual. Lip augmentation depends on the physical appearance of the lips. When you have thinner lips at first, it is beneficial to increase it over time, as the treatment may need to be done in several sessions to achieve fuller lips and to achieve the desired appearance.

5. I regret lip fillers, can I melt them?

Hyaluronic Acid fillers have the advantage of being soluble in situ. This is done by filler dissolution using a special solution (Hyalouronidase/Hyalase) so that errors in size and volume can be corrected quickly and safely.

6. Do Lip Fillers Feel Natural?

When treated correctly, absolutely all-natural application results.

7.What is the Price of Lip Filler?

Lip augmentation with fillers can vary in cost depending on the product used and the amount applied.

8.Can I Smoke After Lip Augmentation?

Smoking is something we never recommend to our patients immediately after a filling. Not only is it associated with numerous health problems, but it also ages the skin and can disrupt the skin’s natural healing process and even cause an infection (for example, following microneedling). We always recommend not smoking for at least the first 24 hours after lip augmentation.

9. Can I Wear Lip Balm or Lipstick After Lip Filler?

We recommend avoiding make-up for the first 24 hours after treatment. This is because the area is sensitive and touching the injection sites can cause pain and infection.

10. How Can I Find a Reputable Practitioner in Istanbul for Lip Augmentation?

The World Health Organization recommends that any treatment should only be carried out by a qualified doctor. Good research is key with many review websites recommended by patients who have had the procedure. During your initial consultation, it is important to fully disclose any medical history or allergies. You can read our reviews about Dr. Ferda Karataş.