Jawline Chin Filler

Jawline (Jawline) Filler

Jawline filling for the chin is the process of making the jaw line closest to the golden ratio conditions by taking a V shape. This process is a non-surgical filling method and since there is no cutting or shaving as in surgical intervention, the procedure carries minimal risk and pain sensation. For people who are not satisfied with their jaw structure or the shape of their chin, the easiest way to solve the problem is to have a jawline chin filling procedure.

Jawline Businesslemi Which Filling Material is Used for?

Jawline filler appears as hyaluronic acid. It can also be used in products containing caprolactone and calcium hydroxyapatite. While these two substances shape the area in question, they also trigger collagen production with the molecular structure they contain and provide an opportunity for skin rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid is used not only in filling materials, but also in various masks and even in stem cell treatments to ensure skin regeneration. During the filling process, it not only shapes your skin but also fights against aging with the properties it provides.

Jawline Businesslemi NasStructuredr?

The jawline procedure is necessary to bring the jaw line into the appropriate shape, to remove wrinkles on the jaw line, if any, and to eliminate collapse problems.

  • The patient’s jaw structure is mapped with imaging techniques for the application to be performed.
  • By working on 3D techniques, the patient can see what kind of jaw line they will have after the application by using this technique.
  • On the appointment day, the patient is treated with anesthetic cream.
  • After the anesthesia process, the filler containing hyaluronic acid is applied to the right places by the physician. Although the patient can understand the change in himself immediately after the application, it may take a few weeks for the jaw line to fully settle and make itself evident. The filling applied to the jaw line must be performed by specialists, otherwise the probability of failure in the application is extremely high.

Was the Jawline Procedure Permanentr?

Jawline procedure permanence is among the curious cases. Filling procedures do not refer to surgical interventions. Therefore, it is possible to say that the transactions are not permanent in the long term. After the procedure, we see that it maintains its effect for 1 to 1.5 years in young skin, while this period is between 8-10 months in older skin. However, it can be used for a long time if the person takes good care of his/her skin after the application and avoids the processes that someone who uses fillers should avoid. In case the filler dissolves and the jaw line returns to its former shape, the 10% dermal filler under the skin can be re-added. In this case, its permanence also increases.

Jawline Businessprocess GIdi Will it destroy it?

Jawline does not constitute an alternative for people with double chin problem. If you are uncomfortable with the neck and jowl areas, treatments combined with jawline can be applied to these areas. For example, fractional lasers that you will apply to the neck and décolleté area or neck and jowl lipo methods will be very functional here. Jawline chin filler only allows your jaw line to look the way you want, and it is also preferred because eliminating the wrinkles here provides a more aesthetic appearance and provides an anti-aging effect.

Chin Innerin Filling How long does it take for the procedure to sit on the face?

Although the filling fixation time for the jawline jaw varies from patient to patient, it covers an average period of 15 days. The patient sees the change in the chin in the first application and this is also evident in the mirror. However, as a result of the acceptance of the filler injected into the jaw line and the healing of the redness processes, you can examine the jaw line tissue that has clearly changed your expression within 15-20 days in the mirror.

For Which Conditions Can Chin Filling Be Performed?

Conditions where chin filling can be done;

  • Sagging problems that occur with the aging process in the jaw line
  • A wide chin line that can be applied to sharpen the facial structure and look more aesthetic for men
  • An oval, tapering and more feminine looking chin structure for women

Those who want to obtain it can use this method. The chin filler called jawline completely changes the appearance and gives the person the opportunity to become another person from the side profile. The jaw structure is among the elements that ensure that your face is harmonious as a whole while laughing, called smile design.

What are the Side Effects of Jawline?

  • Jawline side effects are short-term redness and bruises that may rarely occur. Although Jawline application is a non-surgical method, there is almost no risk of complications. However, edema and bruising problems may occasionally occur on sensitive skin after the application. Although this does not take a long time, within a few days, the sensations of chewing and the pain of the jaw while talking pass, and in total, within a period of 20 days, the filling sits on the face as desired and helps the person’s face to look the way he wants.

When To Work After Jawlineönülür?

Return to work after jawline If there is no excessive symptom with concealer and other make-up materials, the person can return to work life after the jawline chin filling procedure. However, if a person has any other symptoms, a doctor’s check-up is essential and the result will be determined during the medical examination. You can return to work after bruising and edema disappear.