Hollywood Hand Rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation is a method that has been practiced for many years. However, the Hollywood-type hand rejuvenation method, which has recently come to the agenda again, has become widespread and is applied by both women and men in all countries of the world. Youth vaccine, fillers and mesotherapy methods can also be among the methods similar to Hollywood hand rejuvenation.

Why is Hand Rejuvenation Needed?

El genthe reason there is a need for the realization;

  • Wrinkles on the tops of the hands
  • Excessive vascular appearances on the hands
  • Feeling of excessive dryness
  • Too much thinning of the skin on the hand
  • Sagging skin

Due to reasons such as hand rejuvenation, people may need hand rejuvenation. Time is moving fast and there is no method yet to prevent aging. However, many methods to prevent aging and achieve a much more vigorous appearance have been developed with gene engineering. Rejuvenation procedures can be applied in many people.

What is Hollywood Type Hand Rejuvenation?

Although the Hollywood type hand rejuvenation process is known as Vampire lifting, it entered our lives with the bloody mask application that the famous model Kim Kardashian applied to the face area. This method, which can be applied not only on the face, but also on the decollete hand tops and even on the legs, can also be applied on the hands with the help of appropriate methods. This method can be used to eliminate the appearance of old skin on the tops of the hands, to prevent the feeling of dryness and to obtain a lively, fresh and pleasant appearance.

Hollywood Type Hand Rejuvenation for Whor?

Hollywood type hand genePeople who can be subjected to a cryodestruction procedure;

  • Those who have thinning of the skin on their hands due to old age
  • Not using blood thinners
  • People who have never had cancer before
  • Those who are not allergic to the products to be used

They can benefit from rejuvenation through this method. In our clinic, many types of the Hollywood type Vampire Lifting application are applied and successful results are obtained.

How Hollywood Type Hand Rejuvenation Is Performedr?

The stages of Hollywood type hand rejuvenation application are determined as follows and this application can be interpreted as a direct mesotherapy application. It is known that rejuvenation can be done more easily and quickly with the help of methods obtained from the person’s own blood at the end of many years of research.

  • The patient comes to the clinic and is examined and informed about the process
  • It is necessary to take 2-3 tubes of blood from the patient and separate this blood in the tubes in a device called centrifuge.
  • The substance obtained from the person’s own blood is injected either as such or mixed with various amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acid.
  • Since the hand area is not a sensitive area, application is easy.
  • However, for those who wish, anesthesia can be administered first.
  • Then PRP is applied to the area with the help of injection.
  • It will be useful to apply 3 times with 3-4 weekly session intervals in order to get the effect quickly.

Hollywood Type Hand Rejuvenation Procedure Did It Have Side Effectsr?

Although the side effects of Hollywood hand rejuvenation are curious, we can say that this method has very few side effects. There are certain reasons for this situation. Hollywood hand rejuvenation procedure;

  • Since the person’s own blood is used, the body will not reject it
  • It is supported with amino acids and minerals, so it will take effect in a short time
  • It refers to a method in which the skin will start to repair itself quickly with the help of hyaluronic acid.

For this reason, there are no side effects such as rejection of the body. However, it is normal to have small redness that will remain for a few days, and small edema and bruising that will pass in a short time while mesotherapy is applied on the hand by injection. This situation disappears within a period of a few days. The person can continue his/her work life from the next day by using bb cream or other concealer types and does not experience any pain problems.

What to Expect After Hollywood Hand Rejuvenationr?

What happens after Hollywood hand rejuvenation;

  • Although there is no visible effect on the skin in the first session, collagen production begins to be supported under the skin and cells that provide repair begin to play an active role.
  • After the collagen required to prevent wrinkles and laxity develops within a few sessions, it will be possible to say that the wrinkle tissues are replaced by a pink and clean skin.
  • Over time, the sagging skin also recovers itself and a relatively thicker, younger-looking skin emerges.
  • With masks applied on the hands, you can have healthy skin that does not dry, crack and wound.

Can Fat Injection Be Performed For Hand Rejuvenation?

Fat injection is among the preferred methods for hand rejuvenation. Filling the gaps by applying the fat tissue to the places where wrinkles and looseness occur, and the thinning hand skin to recover itself and sign a younger appearance are among the frequently applied methods. Apart from PRP and Vampire lifting, fat injections can be applied to make the hand look younger.

Inside Handin GenIs a childhood vaccine given??

Youth vaccination for the hand is a method that is being applied. Youth vaccines, which contain dozens of different substances processed and brought together, can be applied to the hands while applied to the face. Although it is a very advantageous method, the youth vaccine is an ideal process for those who want to get fast results and want to achieve a method with a relatively longer effect.

GenWhat Should I Pay Attention to After the Procedure?

GenThings to pay attention to after the implantation process;

  • The use of sunscreen throughout the summer and winter seasons, regardless of hand and face, will prevent the formation of spots to a great extent. Especially those who have problems with age spots should pay attention to this.
  • After the Hollywood hand rejuvenation method, alcohol and smoking should be avoided and plenty of water should be drunk.
  • Solarium will be an element that you should definitely avoid during and after non-surgical body rejuvenation applications.

Since the procedures can be applied for several sessions, the doctor’s recommendations should be listened to and the products he/she gives, if any, should be used.