Forehead Filling

Forehead filling is performed to alleviate wrinkles, especially in the forehead area, to correct sunkenness and to achieve a younger appearance. During the preliminary examinations we conduct with visitors to our clinic, we provide information about their needs and what can be done.

Is Forehead Filler Permanent?

Permanent filling is an application that is not yet possible today. Fillings are temporary procedures due to their nature. The filling procedure is performed in a short time without the need for surgery. At the same time, since it acts for a long time, after the effect wears off, the person can have filling again if he/she wishes. Forehead filling is a procedure that is not permanent but maintains its effect for a long time.

How Much Forehead Fillers Are Usedr?

The average duration of forehead filler use is 1 year. Forehead filler retains its effect for 9 to 12 months. The effect gradually decreases towards the last months and can be repeated at the end of 1 year if desired.

What Does Forehead Filler Do?

Thefunction of the forehead filler varies according to the reason for having it done. Although it is an aesthetic element, sometimes it is also done because it has become a basic need. The function of forehead filling can be listed as follows:

  • Providing a more youthful appearance
  • Removing wrinkles in the forehead area
  • Reduce mimicry
  • Ensure healthier skin
  • Supporting the skin’s natural collagen
  • Eliminating forehead hollowness

It is among the effects of forehead filling.

How to Make Forehead Augmentationr?

When filling the forehead , the area is first cleaned and then local anesthesia is applied. With regional anesthesia, only the area to be filled is numbed. Professional and non-harmful filling materials are injected under the skin by our specialists. The application can be done with a needle or cannula. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes on average and the person can return to normal life. The factors to be considered after filling are conveyed to our client by our experts. It is extremely important to follow these recommendations after having a forehead filler .

Does Forehead Filler Remove Wrinkles?

Although forehead augmentation is a safe procedure to remove sunken forehead and wrinkles , it is important that it is only performed by doctors. We provide services with our professional equipment and experts and constantly improve ourselves in line with the feedback of our clients. Those who want to have a forehead filler usually have it done to remove wrinkles in this area due to collapse, mimics and age. It is possible to have a younger and more dynamic face with forehead filling. Although the filler is applied to the forehead area, it affects the facial appearance with its general lines.

Can Forehead Filling Be Curved?

Curved forehead filling is usually applied to people with a slightly sunken forehead. People with a more sunken forehead structure can have a curved forehead filling if they wish. How the filling will be, the effect it will create and the facial features that will be formed with the filling are generally conveyed to the client by our specialists.

What to Consider After Forehead Augmentation?

The things to be considered after forehead filling are conveyed to the client by our experts after the procedure. The factors to be considered in general after forehead filling are as follows:

  • The area should not be exposed to water for the first 12 hours following the procedure
  • Avoid applications such as massage, jacuzzi and sauna for 1 week following the procedure
  • Exercise should be avoided to prevent edema formation