COG Hanger

The thread suspensionmethod with COG is a thread lift method preferred by people who do not want to have surgery but want to have a more taut and aesthetic face. Although it is not a method that has been applied for a long time, it is preferred because it gives the comfort that classical methods cannot give and especially because the healing process is very short. Although it is an indisputable fact that it is more preferred by women, it can also be preferred by gentlemen who want to create an image that is more elegant and suitable for the facial features of the person. In our clinic, the rope suspension method is performed using the latest methods in a hygienic and sterile environment using modern and high quality materials. One of the greatest inventions of facelift in recent years can be considered as the COG suspension method.

Rope Hanger Yön Method Other YöHow does it differ from other methods?

The COG suspensionmethod differs from the French type in appearance. But the technique used and the purpose of the practice do not change. However, the thread suspension COG method is different from other non-surgical stretching or suspension methods;

  • Creating a lace-like appearance on the skin and thus evenly maintaining a constant tension on the skin
  • No surgical scarring
  • The fact that the application can be done quickly in a single session
  • Recovery of the scar on the skin within 3 days
  • No need for incision
  • Possibility of use for 1-2 years
  • As a result of the absorption of the material used by the skin, it can be reapplied without the need to remove the threads

This has made this method more popular and differentiated it from other methods. However, in rope suspension methods, the person wants some areas on the face to stand out.

COG Hanger YöWhich BöApplication to Regionsr?

COG askI yömethod application bölgesi can be called the whole face. In the rope suspension method, we can say that it is especially successful when it is done with a method that extends from the cheekbones to the chin and from there to the eyebrows. However, in the COG method, it will be possible to apply all over the skin and thus it will be possible to say that the facial skin is opened like a lace. Although it is a highly effective method, COG implementation is shorter than the French suspension. But the result is quite satisfactory. This gives the method an advantage over other types. Oval facial features that do not want sharpness on their face but want to maintain a healthy and taut appearance can especially prefer this method.

How to Apply the COG Strapr?

The application of the COG sling depends on an expert assessment. However, we can say that by following the steps below, the person will have the taut skin he/she desires.

  • Before the skin lift procedure, the patient’s condition is examined by the doctor.
  • After the patient’s approval for the application is obtained, the preparation process for the treatment is started.
  • An image of the person’s face is taken and the physician works on the 3D image created and reaches the information on which areas the stretching process will be performed and what kind of an image will appear as a preliminary impression.
  • At this stage, if it is decided to apply the thread between the areas needed on the face, the procedures refer to the processes of placing the thread under the skin with the help of a small hole and lifting the facial skin without stitches and surgery.
  • After the anesthesia wears off, the patient can leave the clinic directly. This method has many advantages

What are the Benefits of COG Suspension?

Thebenefits of the COGprocedure quickly become apparent. A second session is not necessary unless there is a correction. Since the specialist physician uses simulation during the COG suspension procedure and sees the patient’s preliminary impression after the procedure, the treatment is not a surprise. However, the benefits of the process are numerous. These benefits

  • Achieving the desired face lift and lifting sensation in problematic areas thanks to the threads placed under the skin on the skin within a period of only 1 hour
  • The fact that it is a completely natural method and fillers such as bonta may be rejected by the skin and react to the treatment, while the probability of such a situation occurring in the rope suspension method is very low due to its surgical nature.
  • The application has no effect on facial expressions and the person has not lost anything from facial expressions
  • Causes a completely natural appearance when viewed from the outside
  • Naturally absorbable by the skin
  • Allowing for subsequent re-treatment

Among the benefits of this process can be found. The procedure, which has many benefits, is known to give successful results when applied with alternative skin procedures.

COG Did the Rope Hanger Have Side Effectsr?

COG rope sling side effects;

  • Immediately after the application, edema and bruising are expected as the intervention is under the skin.
  • There may be a momentary sensation on the skin as if a knife is stabbing and this sensation may last longer than a few days.
  • Asymmetry and shrinkage of the skin surface

This is among the other side effects of this method. The COG method does not rely on the application of rope slings to a single area. It refers to a way of working in which the neck, cheeks and forehead are fully involved. For this reason, care must be taken.

COG Does Rope Hanger Affect Food?

COG rope sling is also a saving opportunity for people with double chin problems. The threads, which are formed in straight lines along the chin, help the food to lift up and allow the person to get rid of the food, often without surgery. Cheekbones are also the areas that come to the fore with the application of the rope hanger. However, since the jowl area is very problematic and the COG method can solve this problem with the correct application, many people ask for this method only because of the fat in the neck area and the jowl problem.

COG Rope Hanger YöWhat should be considered after the procedure?

COG rope hanger yöWhat to consider in the method;

  • It is recommended to keep the skin absolutely clean and to massage the skin as much as can be avoided.
  • Sunscreen should always be used.
  • Extreme heat must be avoided.
  • There will be no scarring, but it is necessary to use the creams or medications prescribed by the specialist appropriately.
  • Yawning or biting fruit should be avoided when the mouth opens too wide and creates a feeling of tension on the face.

Through the COG suspension method, many people in the face area can get rid of the structure they are not satisfied with and have a vigorous skin.