Chin Filling

Filling on the chin is a non-surgical stretching and renewal method developed for people who are uncomfortable with the chin and jowl area. Since this method, also known as jawline, has been applied, many people who have problems in this regard and who want to have the jaw and neck structure they want without going under the knife and in very short healing processes have benefited. Like every filling method, this method, which should only be applied by relying on the experience of physicians who have received their specialization, is one of the areas where our country is in high demand. Jaw lines bring a change to the person’s posture and outline image.

Where is Jawline Fillingr?

Jawline filling refers to the jaw muscles. You may not like yourself because of asymmetry and you may want to have a longer jaw line. Since the jowl and neck area, which are located just below the jaw muscles and the jowl and neck area, have a flat texture, it is aimed to provide a more aesthetic appearance by filling the jaw line, since it will make the person look heavier than he/she is from time to time.

Jawline KalWhat is the duration of dormancy?

Chin filling permanence can last up to 1.5 years. The filler, which is absorbed by the skin and decreases over time, loses its old shape over time and for this reason, the patient returns to the jaw structure before the filling for the chin. However, since some of the applied dermal material will still remain under the skin, the retention time for each application is longer than the others. Apart from that;

  • In the jaw line filling made for aesthetic purposes, the permanence is higher in younger individuals.
  • It is known that in people who have aged and whose collagen production has slowed down, the filling material is greatly reduced after 8 months. Therefore, it is known that people of age can have the application done twice a year by contacting the doctor.


They will be able to have chin fillers;

  • Those with sagging tissue in the chin
  • Those who think that their chin is asymmetrical and not proportional to their face
  • Women and men who want V chin design to make the face look more shaped based on the golden ratio rules
  • Ladies who want to have a more feminine face
  • Men who want to have fillers applied to their chin with wider lines

They may prefer to have fillers for the chin. In addition, of course, the person must be of legal age to have this operation. Jawline, which is one of the most trendy applications of recent times, can be used continuously as it protects some dermal material under the skin, although the effect period has passed.

Can Chin Tip Filler Be Applied to Collapse in the Chin?

Filling for collapses in the jaw is the main basis for many patients to prefer the application. Many people may have dimpling marks under their chin, like the dimples that appear on our face when we smile. The condition, which emerges as a genetic predisposition, causes a more serious collapse with aging. This causes patients to be more uncomfortable and to dislike their image in the mirror. Although the filling application for the chin tip also targets the chin tip, it also solves the collapses in this area to a great extent. This highly functional treatment method is therefore in high demand.

In which cases can filling be applied to the chin?

Filling applications for the chin;

  • Collapse of the jaw
  • The chin tip is quite short and creates a disproportionate image with the patient’s face
  • Sagging and wrinkle problems due to aging or genetic reasons
  • Changing the structure of the chin to be more feminine or to have wide chin muscles preferred by men

Filling applications can be made for this purpose. The main aim during the application is to give the jaw a V-shape. This is among the elements that will help to make the jaw line flatter and make the person look much more aesthetic, especially from the side profile.

How to Fill the Chinr?

Chin filling stages;

  • Conduct a consultation for the patient and decide what kind of treatment to do on his chin
  • As a result of the doctor’s work on it and 3D studies on the relevant photographs, it shows how the person will be treated using imaging techniques.
  • On the day of application, the patient’s chin skin is cleaned and the area is prepared for the procedure by using creams or needles that numb the area by injection method.
  • After 20 minutes, the area is now numb and ready for application. After this stage, the patient is ready for chin filling.
  • Dermal filler and the hyaluronic acid placed in it are injected into the patient’s chin from the areas deemed appropriate by the doctor and the filling process is provided.
  • Here, the direction of the filling and how it will be applied depends on the purpose for which the patient is being treated, as well as the experience of the doctor.

Are There Risks Associated with Chin Augmentation?

The application is not performed for patients who are found to have chin filling risks. For example, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, those whose health is not favorable for filling and those who have problems with infection are at risk not only for the chin but for any type of filling. Apart from this, the procedure is not risky for healthy patients who do not pose any obstacle. Minimal redness and edema may develop after the application. However, this problem can be easily solved with painkillers prescribed by the doctor. The physician may also request antibiotic treatment to prevent infection, taking into account the patient’s condition.

Chin Innerin Filling How long does it take to be processed?rer?

When all factors are taken into consideration, a time frame of 30 to 45 minutes will be sufficient for the completion of the filling procedure for the chin. Before this time, waiting for enough time for the patient to prepare for the treatment and for the anesthesia to take effect brings the total time closer to 1.5 hours.

Are Chin Fillers Satisfied?

The issue of filling satisfaction for the chin is one of the questions asked for those who are considering having the application. Most of the patients who have been examined by a specialist, who have been able to clearly explain what they want and who have been able to choose the right specialist are quite satisfied with their fillings. The filling process can reveal an extremely stylish chin structure that the person will admire himself when he looks in the mirror for about 1.5 years with the use of the right hyaluronic acid-containing product.