Cheekbone Filler

Cheekbone filling is among the non-surgical plumping and stretching techniques that are highly demanded by people who want to stand out with their facial features and look aesthetically beautiful. Since teeth, lips, nose and cheekbones function as a whole when it comes to smile design, many cheekbone fillers are performed in clinics. This treatment method, which gives a velvet appearance especially due to the filling effect on the skin and allows your facial features to attract attention from the outside, is long-lasting when applied continuously using fillers. It is known that many people who are actively acting today have fillers in their cheekbones.

To whom cheekbone filling is performedr?

People who can have cheekbone fillers;

  • Adults over 18 years of age
  • Those with collapse in facial features, especially in the cheek area
  • Those who want to stand out with their smile and like the appearance of full cheekbones
  • Those who have wrinkles around the face and cheeks due to aging
  • Those who have an aging element on their face caused by cheeks and want to look younger

They can carry out this process. But of course, there are also situations where the practice should be avoided. In cases such as possible pregnancy, breastfeeding and cancer, the filling procedure is not performed on the person. We know that application is also made in those with a history of paralysis, depending on the doctor’s opinion.

Cheekbone Filling is a Painful Joblem Mi?

If you have a question mark in the form of whether cheekbone filling hurts and if you are interested in the application, you should know that this filling can be performed with many different methods and different anesthesia methods are applied in all of them so that the patient does not feel pain. Therefore, the person does not feel any pain during the procedure. At this stage, it may be a preference to use cream, as well as the use of anesthesia in the form of injection for patients who think that their pain threshold is low. Although it takes a short time to anesthetize the area, this operation is performed with several different methods.

Which Problems Are Caused by Cheekbone Filling?zer?

The purpose of cheekbone filling;

  • Eliminating the appearance of aging on sunken faces
  • Revitalizing the cheeks with filling techniques suitable for asymmetrical facial features
  • When applied together with appropriate anti-aging treatments, the cheekbone filler shows an anti-aging effect within a few weeks.
  • Spotting in the cheek area to increase the amount of collagen and further delay aging

Filling method may be preferred.

Cheekbone Filling Joblemi NasStructuredr?

Several different methods can be applied for cheekbone filling. However, after deciding on the filling method, the application takes place as follows.

  • Cleaning the application area and making it suitable for the procedure
  • Anesthetic cream to the area before the injection to be applied to the patient, eliminating the sensation to a great extent
  • Injecting the filler into the areas deemed appropriate by the physician and closing the defects
  • The application can be done with a needle or cannula
  • Providing the patient with the necessary information for rapid recovery after the completion of the process using appropriate protection techniques

It can be summarized how the application will be performed. Cheekbone filling is not considered a difficult procedure and the healing process is much faster than many other methods. Nevertheless, it is advisable to listen to the doctor’s recommendations and use the filler for as long as you can with the right protection methods. The filler, which can be used for 1-1.5 years, can also be applied at a young age, so it can be used for a longer period of time at this age.

Which materials are used to fill the cheekbone?r?

As we mentioned above, cheekbone filling materials are of several types. Generally, the most preferred method is the method with hyaluronic acid. It can also be used in materials containing caprolactone and calcium hydroxyapatite. The method, which provides very rapid repair and regeneration of the filled skin and supports collagen production, is applied by doctors. These products are among the factors that are easily available and effective in skin tissues, offering a radiant glowing skin to the person.

Can Fat Filling Be Applied to the Cheekbone?

Fat filling can also be applied to the cheekbone . However, this procedure is somewhat invasive. Therefore, a comment cannot be made about this process as filling the cheekbone without surgery. Fat tissue must be removed from the patient and for this, the procedure must be performed by an experienced doctor. The fat taken from the patient is processed and injected into the cheekbones. Thus, very natural looking cheeks are obtained that the patient will not reject their own fat tissue.

Are There Side Effects After Cheekbone Filling?

Cheekbone filling procedure side effects may rarely be experienced. Although each body reacts differently, the most common conditions are usually the most common;

  • Appearance of swelling in the cheeks and collection of edema
  • Muscle pain when laughing and eating
  • Redness and rarely bruising caused by needle marks in the area

Livable. Similar situations can also be observed in hyaluronic acid application.

What are the Advantages of Cheekbone Filling?

The advantages of cheekbone filling can be summarized as follows.

  • Since it is a non-surgical method, you can return to work the next day.
  • Recovery time is quite fast
  • An application can be made completely according to the demands and wishes of the patient and the doctor and can be designed individually.
  • Asymmetry defects on the face can be eliminated with the application.
  • Brighter skin and collagen production is supported.
  • Immediately after the application, it can be seen that the skin starts to differentiate and the filling starts to show itself.

Cheekbone filling is one of the methods that can be called painless and you can get results easily.