Cellulite Therapy

Treatment for cellulite, that is, the search for new treatments against the orange peel appearance experienced by many skin is still ongoing. Cellulite, which is more common in women due to female physiology, can also be seen in men due to certain conditions. Cellulite, for which many people have been developing treatments for many years, may occur due to genetic reasons, but the main factor in the formation of structures is of course environmental factors. Cellulite therapy can be carried out through certain methods. Radiofrequency, laser and mesotherapy methods are the most preferred ones.

What is Cellulite? Why Formur?

Bydefinition, cellulite can be interpreted as excessive accumulation of adipose tissue due to an irregularity in blood circulation in the body. Although it is a very common circulatory disorder, weight gain and weight loss are among the main factors in its occurrence. Although it can be seen in all age groups, very rapid weight gain and weight loss are among the reasons for this problem. Causes of cellulite;

  • Genetic factors
  • Increased estrogen hormone depending on the period (pregnancy or drug use)
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Rapid weight gain and loss
  • Hormonal disorders within the body
  • Choosing low waist or tight pants
  • Preferring a sedentary lifestyle

Cellulite is called a ‘circulatory disorder’ that can be seen in both men and women. The fact that estrogen hormone is higher in women compared to men also explains the formation of cellulite. This is why the problem is more common in women.

Cellulite Which BöFormation in Regionsur?

The b where cellulite occursölgeler;

  • Thigh circumference
  • Lower legs
  • Hip
  • Abdomen and arms

Different treatment methods are applied depending on the progressive cellulite stages.

Cellulite Development in the Thinir Mi?

Cellulite canalso develop in thinpeople. Although there is a general belief that cellulite is only related to weight gain and loss, factors such as overweight and frequent weight gain and loss are among the factors that cause the condition, factors such as genetic predispositions and drug use can also prepare the ground for the formation of cellulite tissue in people. For this reason, even in very thin people, it is possible to see the appearance of orange peel in the leg area or in areas such as the lower abdomen and fatty tissues that become lumps as they progress.

Was There a Cellulite Treatmentr?

Cellulite treatment is among the questions that people with this problem often seek answers to, and there are many treatment methods for cellulite being developed around the world. With these methods, it becomes possible to combat the appearance of cellulite. Some of these methods are listed below;

  • Mesotherapy
  • Laser application
  • Fat-breaking agents for the cellulite area
  • Radiofrequency
  • Lymph drainage
  • Ultrasound
  • Infrared radiation
  • Such methods are among the treatments frequently applied in cellulite. Our clinic also provides services in this field and uses various advanced devices to minimize the appearance of cellulite in different parts of the body.

How to do mesotherapy for celluliter?

Althoughlipolysis mesotherapy for cellulite shows an anti-fat effect, it can be provided on patients who are suitable for the application after expert opinion. Lipolysis mesotherapy is effective in the processes from the first to the third stage within the body. This method;

  • It is applied in areas where cellulite appearance is common with serum injection method with fat burning effect.
  • When applied regularly, this serum accelerates fat burning in the area in question and has a rejuvenating effect.
  • These tissues, which create an intense orange peel appearance or pitting, and whose movement can be observed when standing at advanced levels, are melted by lipolysis method and excreted out of the body with sweat-urine.
  • Up to 6 months of application can be provided in 15-day sessions.

Is Radiofrequency Treatment for Cellulite?

Radiofrequency method is also frequently applied for cellulite. Radiofrequency, a method that melts fat tissues in the skin and supports collagen production, activates cells. It is not applied by injection method, wave frequencies provide serious benefits to melt the fat in the problematic area in the application made directly to the problematic area through the machine for the patient. While cellulite treatment is provided by radiofrequency method, the method provides a great effect on the elimination of excess fat in the region.

Vacuum YöHow to Treat Cellulite with Cellulite Treatmentr?

Cellulite treatment with vacuummethod; This technique, which has been developed with advanced engineering techniques and allows the excess fat in the body to be separated from each other and excreted through the urinary tract, is among the methods that have been used for many years. Treatment with the vacuum method;

  • The device, which uses the pulling force by reverse pressure on the problematic area of the patient, directly targets the fat located there.
  • During vacuum therapy, the band tissues that cause cellulite formation are relaxed and loosened through massage.
  • Vacuum therapy, which can be applied for an average of 10 sessions, is also extremely successful in cellulite.
  • The procedure is painless, only after the procedure, due to the vacuum effect, there may be some tingling in the area in question.

Are There Side Effects of Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite treatment side effects are wondered by people who want to have the procedure and extremely minor effects can be experienced according to the technique applied. People who want to apply this treatment may face the following problems.

  • Minor redness and bruising after the procedure if applied by injection method (It passes within a few days)
  • Pain problem when touching the area in applications performed with vacuum and radiofrequency methods
  • Payment that will disappear in a few days

It can be experienced. During cellulite therapy, vacuum therapy or mesotherapy application is among the best treatments that can be applied without tiring the person and can be applied on average 20 years of age and above. The method, which aims to target and destroy fat cells and make the body more resistant, is also applied to our clients by our specialist in our clinic. Sessions should be regular and the patient should prefer a healthy life to prevent the problem from recurring.